ACP Cup starts September 13

The opening ceremony of the ACP Cup took place tonight in the art gallery of the Rietumu Bank, Riga.
The first round matches are split between the two shifts.
And so, the pairings for the 1/8th final are:

Afternoon shift (starts on September 13, at 14:00 Riga time = 13:00 CET)

Mamedyarov - Kovalenko
Nepomniachtchi - Moiseenko
Malakhov - Eljanov 
Wojtaczek - Ivanchuk

Night shift (starts on September 13, at 18:00 Riga time = 17:00 CET)

Grischuk - Fressinet
Svidler - Jakovenko
Radjabov - Shirov
Morozevich - Ponomariov 

The live coverage and live grandmaster commentary will be relayed on the official website:

More information, photos from the opening ceremony and simul
can be also found on the official website. 

Feel free to use it (reference is required!)

Let the strongest win!

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